To apply for a slot in the Dealer's Den you need to send an email to This email must include your username, reg number and pictures / drawings of (examples of) what you're going to sell. If you have any questions please contact  @Rakurim or @Kerubia on Telegram, or send a mail to the email adress stated above.



The Deadline to apply for a slot in the Dealer's Den is 28.07.2024.


Opening Times - Dealer's Den

This year's Dealer's Den is on Saturday, 9.09.2022, 12:00 - 16:00. Dealers are asked to arrive one hour before opening (11:00 a.m.) in order to setup their table and asked to leave the room by 17:00 (one hour after Dealer's Den closes).


Dealer's Den Achievement

As a dealer in the Dealer's Den you will automatically unlock a special "Dealer's Den 2024" achievement for this year's (or any upcoming year's) con badge.