To register your own official event you need to send an email to This email must include your username, reg number and a description of your event and your preferred time slot. If you have any questions please contact  @Rakurim or @Kerubia on Telegram, or send a mail to the email adress stated above.

We'll get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if you got a slot!



The Deadline to send in your event(s) is 28.07.2024.


List of Events / Event Schedule

You can find a list of all events and the schedule here.  Please keep in mind that some events may change and that time slots may not be final.


What does 'After Dark' Event mean?

After Dark events are events with more adult topics and themes. They may contain imagery, language and other things not suitable for some attendees. Attendee discretion is advised.


How about Unofficial Events?

Of course you can also host your own unofficial events which will not be featured in the con book. These events must of course still abide con rules.


Panel Host Achievement


As a panel host you will automatically unlock a special "Panel Host 2024" achievement for this year's (or any upcoming year's) con badge.