Q: How many people can stay at the convention overnight? What type of rooms are there?
A: The convention can fit up to 90 overnight-guests (and 10 guests without overnight accommodation at Ev.-luth. Jugend- und Bildungsstätte Drangstedt).

Q: I do not want to stay in Ev.-luth. Jugend- und Bildungsstätte Drangstedt overnight as I got another place to stay. What are my options?
A: After registration starts you can go to the "Room" selection and select a "No overnight-stay" slot. If all slots are taken this means that there are no tickets without accommodation left.

Q: How old do I need to be to attend Wild Times?
A: In order to attend Wild Times you need to be 18 years or older at the first day of the convention.

Q: Am I able to stay one day longer/arrive a day earlier on the convention site? Maybe a few?
A: There are a limited amount of Early and Late Departure slots available. You can stay an additional night for 40 €. Early Arrival includes dinner on Tuesday as well as breakfast on Wednesday. Late Departure includes dinner on Sunday as well as breakfast on Monday.

Q: What kind of food/beverages are included in the confee?
A: Breakfast as well as Dinner are included in the convention fee. There'll also be snacks and free non-alcoholic beverages (juices, water, sodas) throughout the days. So we basically have your needs covered for the full duration of the convention!

Q: Why is this website only available in English even though the convention is located in Germany? Will the convention be in English?
A: We decided to run Wild Times in English to ensure no one feels excluded and to build up an atmosphere to welcome everyone in Europe / the world. Thus the website and all official panels will be held in English language.

Q: What does locking your room mean?
A: The benefit to lock and rename rooms is part of the sponsor privileges. It simply means that - as a sponsor - you are able to set a password for your room on the website so only your friends can select this room during registration. You don't need to be a sponsor to join a locked room - as you only need the correct password. Furthermore only Super Sponsors can rename their room.

Q: How long can sponsors lock rooms?
Sponsors can lock rooms for up to 2 weeks after registration starts. After this all passwords will be removed to make remaining spots available to everyone.

Q: I don't have any mails with my account activation :(
A: Check your spam folder. Also check if your mail is written correcly.

Q: I am unable to log in, and I am sure I wrote my password correctly.
A: Account lock themselves afer 5 failed login-attempts. Reset the password, or contact the organizer.